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  Day Hiker's Guide To All The Trails In The Smoky Mountains

Hike every trail! Picture of the book cover. The cover shows light filtering through the trees on a beautiful day-hike trail in the Smoky Mountains, with a couple of hikers. Michael Etnier provided the graphics for the book, which contains excellent color-coded trail maps.


Elizabeth L. Etnier
Graphics by Michael A. Etnier
(2nd Edition)


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Hike all the trails in the Smoky Mountains in 75 day hikes! Or use this book and its wonderful maps, information tables, photographs and commentary to enjoy any number of day hikes in this beautiful area.

Liz Etnier, Knoxvillian, avid hiker and member of the Smoky Mountains "900" mile club, has written this guide to assist others who aspire to hike all the trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Currently, there are 788 miles of maintained trails in the Smokies and Ms Etnier has laid them out in 75 easy to follow day hikes ranging from just a few miles to over 20 miles in length. She provides you with an approach to hiking all of these trails that minimizes duplication of miles hiked while ensuring that no trail segments, or spurs, are left behind. Indeed, if you follow her approach, you can hike all the maintained trails in the Smokies in a total of only 1060 miles!

This guide has excellent color-coded maps showing the hikes for each area and tables that list the trail sequence and total mileages for each hike. It also provides invaluable information for those who wish to explore a specific geographical area of the Park, who seek solitude and adventure by hiking in the more interior and remote sections of the Smokies, or who fancy a backpacking trip in the Park. Included are a list of available car or boat shuttle services for the more remote hikes, a handy checklist of all trails, and over 30 color photographs of the Smoky Mountains, wildflowers, and historic structures in the Park.

This Second Edition has some additional photos and some updates to maps and trail tables.

See the Great Smoky Mountains National Park's All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory project at http://www.dlia.org/. You can also check out Your Smoky Mountains Directory for all kinds of information about the area and its activities.

Beautiful Color Trail Map with topographic relief, legend for items of interest, and color keyed trails.

Color keyed trail map for the Cataloochee Area (pg. 64).

Table showing information for each of the trails. Trail sequences are color keyed. Trail segment distance, approach and comments are provided.

A portion of the trails table for the Cataloochee Area (pg. 66).

Beautiful view of the Smoky Mountains framed by evergreen branches, from the Appalachin Trail.

View from the Appalachian Trail near Newfound Gap
(pg. 99).

Photograph of yellow flowers with green stems and leaves.

Yellow ladyslippers
near Newfound Gap
(pg. 79).

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